Welcome to my Booky Spooky Dorky Blog!

Welcome to my BookySpookyDorkyBlog! This is where I will think aloud about all things wondrously dark, geeky and bookish.

Companions of the Week 1

I’m not saying I’m fickle but I change my desk friends every week. I usually have at least one figure, a book for inbetween times and a perfume to fit my writing/mood/menses.

The Night Manager

My Fridays are usually spent chasing words, confronting admin and wondering why it isn’t wine time yet, but last week I was the lucky plus one of blogger royale Crime Thriller Girl for

A K Benedict portrait


A.K. Benedict read English at Cambridge and Creative Writing at the University of Sussex.

She lives in Hastings and writes in a room filled with teapots and the severed head of a ventriloquist’s dummy.

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