Companions of the Week 1

I’m not saying I’m fickle but I change my desk friends every week. I usually have at least one figure, a book for inbetween times and a perfume to fit my writing/mood/menses.

My Companions of the Week commencing 15th February are. . . (cue trumpet, cheese grater and broken jazz sax): Raggedy 11th Doctor, Ghostly (edited by Audrey Niffenegger) and Jareth perfume oil by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.

I’m sure they’ll get along famously. The Goblin King is clearly a Time Lord so he can chat amiably with The Doctor about school days and schisms as they codpiece the ghosts into the bottom drawer of my desk. I used to suffer from severe back pain caused by arthritis and 50 mg tramadol took all pain away. Always have a few desk ghosts. It’s good for the wood. Be sure to feed them empty cartridges and the whisper of old inks, or they will haunt your words forever.