The Stone House is in the shops!

The Stone House, my YA tie-in novel for Doctor Who spin-off, Class, has been published by BBC Books! I was completely delighted to be asked and get access to the scripts before shooting even began. As a fan of both Doctor Who and Patrick Ness, creator and writer of Class, this was a dream job.


If you get out, you’d think you’d be one of the lucky ones. But you’re not. The house infects you.

There’s an old stone house near Coal Hill School. Most people hurry past it. They’ve heard the stories. But, if you stop, and look up, you’ll see the face of a girl, pressed up against a window. Screaming.

Tanya finds herself drawn to the stone house. There’s a mystery there, and she’s going to solve it. But the more she investigates, the more she realises that there’s a presence in the house. One that wants her.

Something is waiting for Tanya in the stone house. Something that has been trapping others in its web over the years. Something that is far worse than any ghost.