Writing for Torchwood

In early summer last year, I received an email asking me to write a Big Finish Torchwood audio drama. After spiralling around the flat whooping, I gave this response: ‘YES, YES, YES, YES, PLEASE. YES, PLEASE. YES.’

I’ve been a fan of Doctor Who for as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories is of watching Logopolis at age three, spooked by the Master and bereft at my funny friend’s death. I wanted to write the Doctor, save the Doctor, be the Doctor. That widened, through years of adoring the original series, Virgin New Adventures, Big Finish, the returned TV show, Torchwood and the SJA, to longing to write for the world of Doctor Who. And I still can’t believe that I have.

Writing The Victorian Age was a wonderful, giggly ball of fun but the recording was even more so – a The Prisoner size ball of guffaws. John Barrowman was brilliant. Rowena Cooper is every bit Queen Victoria and enriches each line with warmth, gravitas and pathos. I even got to be behind the microphone and add brief voices and noises. My three year old self could not be happier. I hope this is where it all begins.