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Writing for Torchwood

In early summer last year, I received an email asking me to write a Big Finish Torchwood audio drama. After spiralling around the flat whooping, I gave this response: ‘YES, YES, YES,

Torchwood: The Victorian Age

I am immensely tickled and proud to have written the opening episode of Big Finish‘s audio drama Torchwood Series 2. Set in the last years of Queen Victoria’s reign, it involves Captain Jack,

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A Critical Reading of ‘The Last Library’

  My short story, ‘The Last Library’, first appeared in Paraxis magazine and then was selected for Best British Short Stories 2012 (Salt, 2012). I am now chuffed to see it finding its way

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Thank you, David Bowie

I’m listening to 6 Music today. It is playing David Bowie songs all day long and reading out tributes from people touched by his life and music. So many glorious