‘I’m a little bit in love with this book’

A new review is in for Jonathan Dark and it is fabulous! Liz Loves Books say lovely things including:

‘Jonathan Dark or the Evidence of Ghosts is a remarkable read in a lot of ways, a definite page turner but also often gently lulling you along – like the river running through it, the narrative bends first one way then another, taking you on a dark yet often humorous journey, focused on the senses and the writing is really quite beautiful.

Add to that a bit of a rip roarer of a plot that is highly engaging and works its way up to a frantic chase to the finish, some really strangely wonderful and eclectic characters and a genuinely intriguing and atmospheric styling and you have a really marvellous read.

I was a fan of The Beauty of Murder, this authors first novel – with Jonathan Dark she has continued that gorgeous speculative storytelling and created a wonderful new mythology – hopefully one that we will learn more about in future novels.

Yep I’m definitely a little in love with this book.



THANK YOU, LIZ!!! That’s amazing.