‘Stiletto semiotics’: The Slice Girls in the Independent!

A great review of The Slice Girls in the Independent14292393_200837283655115_6953367566573107408_n today, along with a trip with me round a New Orleans graveyard!

Reacher says Nothing author, Andy Martin, says “Seeing the Slice Girls on stage in the Voodoo Garden at the House of Blues on Saturday night reminded me of exactly why so many of us are hooked on the genre. If I have read their stiletto semiotics correctly, their cabaret act simulates sex and death, as if to say these really are your only two options. Either/or, or possibly and, the unattainable alchemical formula of the coincidentia oppositorum. But of course there is a third way. The way of the Slice Girls themselves and the unlimited realm of crime fiction too. They exist in the twilight zone of sublimation between sex and death. Crime fiction enables us to kill the time between one and the other. It is neither/nor.”